_F6A8858_1Airlocksound is an original project by Alberto González and Fernando González, a duo from Madrid with extensive experience in composition, music production and sound design. He is also part of the DJ Tango team, producer, composer and radio host, who has become a third key piece for the development and execution of his live performances.

Each piece aims to be unique and each melody forms a sound framework in which nothing escapes chance. With a careful and meticulous production, the songs offer a fresh, powerful and electronic sound, with a style that calls for rebellion and creativity.

Airlocksound takes advantage of the experience accumulated in various previous projects to present a sound that exudes a clear hallmark from beginning to end.


En diciembre de 2012 publica su EP debut, ‘Unlocked’, un viaje sonoro a través de cuatro pistas originales. Durante los siguientes dos años, la formación colabora activamente con DJ Tango, llevando a cabo reworks de dos de sus temas, ‘Another Life’ y ‘Resiliencia’, y dirigiendo el programa de música electrónica ‘On Board’ durante 2014.

En diciembre de 2015 lanzaban ‘Unexpected’, un EP que incluía los temas ‘Desire’ y ‘Rebel’; un trabajo descrito como «sonidos electrónicos que sumergen al oyente en una atmósfera épica y evocadora, donde los temas se agitan con grandiosidad y una profunda energía”. Además, «se trata de una apuesta por un sonido comercial no convencional que sorprenda de principio a fin». En diciembre de 2016, Airlocksound publicaba una edición extendida de este último EP con nuevos temas y versiones.

During 2017 they presented their live performance in the main venues of the capital, at various events and at the same year's edition of Mulafest. Additionally, that summer they released 'Time', their collaboration single with Eme DJ. The track had a great reception and was presented on different radio programs, including Turbo 3 on Radio 3, where Julio Ródenas highlighted its “totally captivating synths.” The song has more than 800,000 views on Spotify and its official video clip was released through Mondosonoro, a medium that highlighted its “danceable, sophisticated and energetic indietronica.”

Throughout 2018, the duo released 'Unexplored' and the reissue of 'Time' in EP format. 'Unexplored' celebrates the freedom of creating your own adventure through the songs 'Signs of Adventure' and 'Mission on Mars'.

To end the year the group has released 'Untagged', a close look at something that is no longer as it was. 'About a Better Me' and 'Love's the Deal' are two songs that reflect the change that is needed to remain yourself.

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