For the Fall (2019)

Airlocksound presents ‘For The Fall’, their first single for 2019. It is a song about seeing reality like a game, where each piece depends on the other ones. Listen to the track on Spotify,Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

Untagged (2018)

Airlocksound presents Untagged, a new EP that only you will be able to tag once you listen to it. It is time to rediscover yourself. It is time to reinvent yourself. It includes the tracks ‘About a Better Me’ y ‘Love’s the Deal’. Available on Spotify,Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube

Unexplored (2018)

After releasing the summer hit ‘Time’, Airlocksound is back with a new EP. Unexplored will take you higher. Discover a new reality, explore the universe. Two tracks to celebrate freedom of creating your own adventure. Now available on Spotify,iTunes, Deezer and the best digital stores.

Time [ft. Eme DJ] (2017)

Eme DJ and Airlocksound join forces to release this fresh and powerful track. ‘Time’ offers a delightful journey through catching melodies and a meticulous production. Now available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer and the best digital stores.

Unexpected [Extended Edition] (2016)

Unexpected is extended now with 3 aditional tracks. The journey continues with more powerful baselines, electronic sounds and live vibes. Now available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and the best digital stores.

Unexpected (2015)

‘Unexpected’ is now available! Powerful baselines and electronic sounds will produce on you an evocatively epic atmosphere. The tracks lurch from grandiose to deeply energetic, heading a style that calls for rebellion and creativity. Get it now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer or on your favorite digital store.

Unlocked (2012)

Unlocked EP is a musical journey through four original tracks. It talks about feeling completely free, as a part of nature. It is about being aware you are moving in the right direction wherever you are, always creating a new start. Unlocked is energy and motivation to run away from monotony and building a better place where being yourself.

This debut EP was released on 12.12.12. Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.